Without a centralized pricing offer system, you are extremely unlikely to succeed in coordinating the bidding process.

We created solutions that are now being used by sales teams across the country that bring together the entire group on a single platform with a focus on effective coordination.


As an essential part of any sales process, when involving several members who have to interact with each other, the process may become highly congested. Since the sales team is experienced and operates under a defined hierarchy, the goal is to simplify the approval process of discounts and other special conditions.

What we came up with:


The implemented solution becomes an irreplaceable partner supporting the agent in the sales process. It allows the usage of a single platform for viewing and searching products, creating offers, requesting discount permissions, and sending offers directly to the customer.

In addition, once an offer is selected, it is converted into an order dedicated to its corresponding departments. Leading members of the team have access to more precise data about product costs, with the platform providing them with some pricing strategies. Various reports are generated for supervision, which contribute to analyzing team performance and customer quality. Additionally, the software facilitates data to be exchanged with SAP.

Benefits resulted after process automation:

  • a notable drop in the duration of completing complex propositions
  • productivity-boosting
  • minimizing collective stress
  • evaluating key indicators