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Codificare RFID pentru Industria Auto

V-ați întrebat vreodată cum ar fi dacă mașina voastră ar putea "vorbi", oferind informații despre fiecare componentă în timp real? Suntem încântați să anunțăm că am livrat din nou, cu succes soluția noastră de codare RFID, în conformitate cu standardele VDA, pentru un alt gigant din industria auto. De ce este asta mare lucru?

Off-the-Shelf or Custom: Choosing the Right Software Solution for Your Business (Free Guide)

The modern business landscape is incredibly competitive, with companies constantly seeking new ways to gain an edge over their rivals. One of the most effective ways to do so is by leveraging technology to improve processes and increase efficiency. Technology has the power to transform businesses, from streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences. In today’s […]

The Biggest Mistakes When Digitalizing our Business and How to Avoid Them

Imagine embarking on the construction of a house without consulting the future inhabitants on the number of rooms, floors, and interior design. What if the construction begins without having all the floor plans and design renderings available, relying solely on written requirements? In such a scenario, one can only hope that the resulting house will […]

Cicada Technologies Recognized by Clutch Among Romania’s Top IT Services Companies for 2021

We are Cicada Technologies, a passionate, Digital Transformation partner that helps businesses evolve through digitalisation, by automating business processes with tailor made software solutions. We build strong partnerships with our clients in order to deliver user oriented software solutions due to our Design Thinking approach. We envision our partnerships as the perfect balance between flexibility, […]

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