We know that the labeling process is time-consuming and if not done right, it can create some real inconvenience. That’s why we are introducing PAOLO – which stands for “Personal Assistant for Optimizing Logistics Operations”. PAOLO is a digital solution, that can be integrated with your in-use software and is here to help you mitigate human error from the labeling process. It is a specialized application that runs on Android-compatible barcode and RFID readers.


  • prints labels and improves the verification
  • facilitates the handling of labels
  • exports the data for invoicing

The process that PAOLO follows:

  • loads the file with the current-day orders
  • validates that the orders contain the complete set of products that need to be delivered
  • export the invoicing information

The advantages of PAOLO:

  • less chances of human error
  • removing the need for manual verification
  • decreasing the chances of incorrect/incomplete validation
  • reducing employee stress


Smart Warehouse is the turn-key solution with RFID brought to you by Cicada Technologies. Our team developed this stock management software with touchless inventory tracking, using long-range wireless technology together with smart labels and smart gates.This product will automatically update stocks, which will minimize human error. Incorporated with the Monitoring Module you will never be out of stock anymore, saving up time and money while monitoring the direction where trends are heading.


ECON is our IoT digital solution for smart cities. Its scope is to streamline waste collection. This digital solution uses smart monitoring sensors to measure the bin’s fullness grade. The data is automatically sent to the cloud, where it is processed, for identifying the best time and routes for waste collection.The processed information is then sent to the waste collection vehicles via a dedicated module, which runs on a tablet, fixed in the driver’s cabin.