Essentials in a competitive market: simplifying paperwork, limiting human error, restricting unnecessary costs. We are constantly revising systems to help companies reach goals and destinations while significantly improving team productivity and decreasing operational duration.

One of the demands we handled – at the request of one of our partner companies – was the need for a tracking system that kept records of packages sent between its various work centers, while making use of their already established transport infrastructure.

What we came up with:

Parcel tracking system

The parcels are being tracked during the transition from one warehouse to the others, even if they go through multiple people. Every time someone picks up the cargo, the app will register their name and the time they picked it up, and so on and so forth until the packet reaches the destination.

The system works with bar codes and label printers that assist the person handling a package with scanning their ID and the ID of the package. The system also has a considerable history database, with the possibility to check previous orders and transports.

Benefits resulted after implementing the solution:

  • improved staff accountability
  • on-time delivery
  • eliminating the loss of packages
  • delivery predictability
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The establishment of a new warehouse specialised in storing the components most frequently used by an associated entity for a better arrangement of the available space.

What we came up with:

A warehouse management Platform

We developed a customised warehouse management solution: all the materials are registered to an owner, which eases the identification of the parts. This helps the employees to place a orders for specific materials (that will be delivered to them by the warehouse handlers).

There is also the benefit of permanently knowing the status of the order and the delegated picker. The digital solution works on barcode scanners, and label printers with an easy-to-use interface for mobile devices. As a plus, the owner of the material receives alerts regarding events related to its registered materials, so that a plan for consecutive activities can be scheduled beforehand.

Benefits resulted after implementing the solution:

  • reclaiming the office space previously occupied by prototyping machinery
  • secure material storage
  • clear and simple interaction with warehouse personnel
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There is always the paperwork problem that can grow costly and ineffective, resulting in a persistent demand for a solution. We assist with modernising company systems and encouraging efficient business practices.

What we came up with:


Since the company in question manages the waste in a specific manner, it is required by law to provide a significant number of documents and reports for each shipment. Using current systems, businesses face a high risk of being penalized for paperwork omissions and they may face substantial fines.

Thus, the designed scheme monitors all transfers, autonomously provides the relevant documentation, sends emails that declare these transports to authorities – in accordance with the law – and monitors the current inventories.

Moreover, this platform handles the automatic invoicing of the partners that benefit from these particular waste collection services.

Benefits resulted after implementing the solution:

  • eliminating human error
  • significantly improving the time
  • intuitive interface
  • conformity to extensive legislation