Our story began in 2016 with two friends passionate about information technology.

Our passion for IT is what drove us to become the Cicada of today, with the intent to ease the life of others through the use of technology. Our name was inspired by Cicada3301, an organization that challenged the world. We were fascinated by the fact that they wanted to recruit the most brilliant minds and bring them together. We took the same goal upon ourselves and are happy to share this passion with all our colleagues.


Our vision drives us to become a center of innovation and excellence in the IT industry, by offering our clients, only the best digital solutions which address their challenges and objectives. We want to develop software solutions that have a positive impact on business activities. We also value user experience which is why our digital solutions are easy to use.



You might not find us in a suit and tie, but we take our commitments very seriously. We are driven by the desire to build and maintain our reputation as trustworthy professionals. Your business is safe with us, we’ll always strive to exceed your expectations.


Teamwork is essential in any and every aspect of our day-to-day activities. It is the cornerstone of a great company; we pride ourselves on great teamwork between ourselves and our customers.


When it comes to fun, we go all out. We are a young team that needs to take care of our mental health; therefore, we must take our minds off work from time to time. We spare no expenses when it comes to having fun and we are sure to always organize a getaway.


Everybody wants to grow in this world, this is why we put our team members’ needs to evolve, in the first place. We try to make everybody feel challenged and do everything in our power to assure their personal and professional growth.


It is important for our members to feel at ease coming to the office. We always try to respond promptly to your changing circumstances and needs. That being said, you can count on us to be close to you when you need us!


We care for our members and try to accommodate their every need and provide them with a suitable work environment. With this, we are trying to boost our member’s capability of work thus leading to better care for our customers and their needs.