We’re excited to share that we’ve successfully provided our VDA-compliant RFID encoding solution to another significant player in the automotive industry. Why is this noteworthy? As more auto parts are equipped with RFID labels, it greatly enhances tracking and ensures the quality of the production line for car manufacturers.

Imagine a future where a simple wireless scan can reveal all the components in a car. It can identify any counterfeit parts that could jeopardise passenger safety or highlight when certain components need replacement. This vision ensures the safety of your family while driving.

For those unfamiliar with this topic, here’s a brief overview: Car manufacturers’ consortia have established standards for encoding and decoding data on RFID labels. Some have made minor adjustments, while others have stuck with the original standards. We are nowadays in a transition period where more and more Tier 1 suppliers of major car manufacturers are being encouraged to label their products with RFID tags. This means that in the future, all components of a car will have RFID labels. While there are some technological limitations at the present moment, continuous improvements are being made each year, opening up more possibilities

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