Frontend developer (mid)

The minimum education required: Graduate of Higher Education

Required experience: This position may be held by a graduate without previous experience in a similar position.

Job description:

  • Involved in the development phase of the software component of the product and in the development of its online platform.
  • Involved in researching optimal methods for extracting information from social platforms.
  • Develops (writes, encodes) programs or program modules in the established programming language:
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, Angular JS, Rest API, HTTPS, Json
  • Respects the rules and programming standards of the company and the rules of the team it belongs to
  • Evaluates the assigned tasks, communicates to the management directly the estimated time for their accomplishment, and signals the changes occurred at the initial estimate
  • Analyses and designs the modules assigned by the management directly together with him and within the framework established by him
  • Develops previously analysed and designed modules
  • Constantly updates the status of tickets in the tool used according to the actual stage of the task
  • Tests the written code by running automatic tests where appropriate
  • Performs code revisions during development
  • Check for errors and fix them
  • Provides support to the testing team and consulting team to determine the possible causes of operating errors
  • Collaborates with the members of the work team and with the people from the other departments for the integration of the program modules/programs/components/software applications in the computer system
  • Design installation or upgrade kits, as appropriate
  • Install the application in various environments, when required
  • Corrects some errors in customer data, when requested
  • Performs product deployment scripts, as appropriate
  • Carries out the deployment documentation (installation, configuration, optimization of the platforms that the solution needs), as appropriate
  • Evaluates and validates technologies when required
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