Sociology researcher

The minimum education required: Graduate with a specialization in Sociology

Required experience: Minimum 2 years in a relevant position: similar position or experience in projects based on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

Technical skills:

  • SPSS;
  • MS Office
  • English language
    • Listening: B2
    • Reading B1 / B2
    • Participation in conversation B1 / B2
    • Oral speech B1 / B2
    • Writing B1 / B2

Job description:

  • Designs qualitative and quantitative research methodologies;
  • Designs samples;
  • Processes quantitative data;
  • Maps consumption patterns;
  • Develops and studies models for data collection, processing, analysis, and presentation;
  • Builds measurement indicators;
  • Tests, validates, and adapts the models for taking over, processing, analysing, and presenting the data collected through different technologies;
  • Generates exemplary data sets and their segmentation variants;
  • Respects the rules and standards of the company and the rules of the team it belongs to
  • Evaluates the assigned tasks, communicates to the management directly the estimated time for their accomplishment, and signals the changes occurred at the initial estimate
  • Provides support to the testing team, programming team, and technology validation consulting team
  • Collaborates with the members of the work team and with the people from the other departments for the integration of the program modules/programs/components/software applications in the computer system