October 30, 2017

Software Product Development

We love to take on complex projects that challenge our entire set of skills, while being involved in
software product development from scratch. Working closely with our customers in delivering exactly
what they ask for, we cover everything, from proposing a strategy, designing a solution, developing the
agreed software, testing and retesting, release management and even handling maintenance for the
resulted product.


With customers’ needs in mind, Cicada Technologies develops strategies that are based on a
comprehensive knowledge of the competitive environment and nature of the market. We do a thorough
research and a very clear requirement definition, as we believe that a problem well stated is a problem
half solved. The particular features of each client are carefully integrated in our custom software
design, providing solutions individually tailored for each business.
Our strategy consultants are always ready to discuss the best software approach for your business, or
the best way to optimize implementation of certain technologies, keeping in mind that we always strive to
achieve the fastest and most reliable solutions.

POC (Proof of Concept)

We put ideas into practice to demonstrate their feasibility or practical potential, without having to
implement a complete version of the later developed product. We provide proof of concept for potential
IT solutions we will later develop and leave room for improvements, changes or other features that need
to be included.


The most important part in the process of bringing a product to market is, of course, the actual
development. Custom software development is one of our most important services, ensuring that the
product delivered meets the requirements stated at the beginning of a project. We involve our customers
in every milestone of this process, as we present an early MVP ( minimum viable product) with enough
features to satisfy early customers, but also enough room for improvement and feedback, to ensure
perfect product development.
Meeting requirements and exceeding expectations is our main focus in this stage of development, seeing
each problem as a challenge to provided optimal solutions.

Product maintenance

Having developed a highly-competitive product, customized for our client’s needs, we will ensure further
maintenance and support, should the product require it. As your business evolves and grows, it’s only
natural that your product keeps up with your business demands. So, as part of product maintenance
services, we make sure that all features of the product developed are up to date, enhanced and polished
to perfection, translating in fewer people and fewer resources being assigned to manage the product on
your part.