July 18, 2017

Our Services

Our philosophy in software solution delivery is inspired by the belief that a well stated problem is a problem half solved. We are building strong partnerships with our customers so we can really transform their toughest problems into our challenges and later in the most suitable software solutions for the great business boost they are running. All these believes makes Cicada Technologies your trusted partner, allowing you to stay focused more on your main activities so that you can always offer the best products or services to your customers.

Offshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

If you are looking to outsource some parts of your projects so that you can speed up the development process, Cicada Technologies is offering both offshore and nearshore outsourcing services on technologies like C/C++, Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript.

Offering software solutions to startups

We know that for a startup it is important to put the product on the market as soon as possible while reaching all the quality standards needed. Our experience in these field make Cicada Technologies your matching partner that can give life to your ideas.

Software development for the financial sector

Cicada Technologies has expertise in delivering software for the financial industry. Therefore, we are familiar with delivering software with constraints regarding execution speed, reliability and scalability.

Building customised ERP and CRM solutions for your business

Cicada Technologies is your trusted provider of customised ERP and CRM solutions. Together we will find the best aspects that can monitor the actual status of your business. Moreover, we will design and implement methods to control and adjust any activity in order to save costs while making your customers happier.

Software development for IoT projects

Developing software for resource constrained devices is a great opportunity for highlighting the quality of services we provide especially due the high performance that embedded systems must accomplish. Consequently, our company expertise varies from simple control applications running on micro-controllers to software for embedded OS.

IT&C Consultancy

If you are looking the best solution that can fit into your project and need help in choosing the right one, Cicada Technologies is here for you. We can survey the current state of the art and together with our expertise we can propose the best technological approach that will cover your needs.