October 30, 2017

Financial software development

When it comes to automating insurance, trading and financial transactions, we’ve got you covered.
Financial software development is our most important area of expertise, as we enable customers to
benefit from our know-how in implementing HFT ( high-frequency trading) algorithms.
Here, at Cicada Technologies, we are familiar with delivering crafted software compelled to a high
execution speed, extremely good reliability and most accurate scalability. We make these our top
priorities when we design custom software for our clients and keep an open communication channel
between our software engineers and your top financial planners. Our custom software development
process for FinTech businesses includes this perfect balance between your financial experience and our
software expertise, delivering highest competitive results in solutions offered.
Using our software engineering skills to make your financial services more efficient will definitely put
you ahead of your competition, as we are familiar with the latest innovations in FinTech industry.
From borrowing, investing, as well as payments, retail banking, or any other part of day-to-day financial
services management, everything can be done faster, easier and more efficient. Contact us to find out
how we can customize our services for your business needs and challenge us to meet and exceed your

High-frequency trading implementation

Using innovative technological tools and computer algorithms, our custom skills in implementing your custom HFT algorithms will speed-up the trading securities process. Highly sophisticated algorithms, co-location, and short-term investment horizons are key attributes to high-frequency trading, and these are all important details we take into consideration when working for our customers in the FinTech sector. By considering Cicada Technologies as IT partner when bringing your HFT services to life, you will most definitely benefit from a perfectly adapted process that boosts your business, custom-made for your own particular needs.
In implementing our HFT solutions, we use low level programming language for software
development, providing little or no abstraction from the computer’s instruction set architecture.
Our highly experienced developers use continuous integration, automation testing and high quality
metrics when developing software for your business, providing you with not only the best IT solution, but
also with the fastest running software. When we consider our outstanding results in this very competitive
high-frequency trading domain, we are confident enough to take on any challenge our partners need
when it comes to fast and reliable software development solutions.