October 30, 2017

Embedded software

Here, at Cicada Technologies, we love to take on challenges that push the barriers of software
engineering and expand the limits of technology. So when it comes to developing software for
resource-constrained devices, we take that as an opportunity to showcase and highlight the quality of IT
services we provide in our company. Consequently, our company’s expertise varies from simple control
applications running on micro-controllers to software for embedded OS.

Software for IoT Industry

Embedded systems rely on high-performance technology that is integrated perfectly with the running
software that brings them to life. Despite execution time or memory consumption constrains of such
products, we are proud to deliver perfectly adapted solutions for each of our customers.
Cicada Technology has experience and know-how in optimizing and developing low-level software,
crucial for the fast growing IoT industry. From intelligent, internet-controlled household items to smart city
integrated solutions, we can provide custom software that manages assets and resources efficiently.

Whether you need software products for consumer markets, mobile applications development for cross-
platforms or any other software solutions meant to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, we can be your reliable IT partner.
Each client is different, with unique technological challenges to address, so it’s only natural that all
solutions provided are customized to the smallest details. You can read more about our custom
software development to fully understand the detailed and customized process we believe in when
working with our customers.

Software for Automotive Industry

Our team of professional experts in low-level programming provides high-quality software
development for the automotive industry, one of world’s largest economic sectors, by revenue
generated. We cover all aspects of embedded software needed in this industry, from operating systems,
protocols, development tools together with international standards and approaches, overcoming any
challenge as they arise. Our team of professional experts is always on top of technology, keeping up with
changes and developments in the automotive industry.
Take your business endeavors to the next level and make our software solutions the answer to your
company’s needs. Whether it be that your company needs precise solutions for a particular part of your
project or integrated global solutions, Cicada Technologies provides IT outsourcing services that range
from business analysis to software design and conceptualization, development, testing, as well as

We are committed to building and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers, as this is
imperative in the ever changing, ever growing automotive sector and we fully understand that the key to
best IT services is, of course, a customized software solution.