October 30, 2017

Custom software development

Our customers are unique in various ways, with different needs and expectations when it comes to
deliverable IT services, so it’s only natural to offer customized software solutions for each and every one
of them. The philosophy behind our custom software development is the belief that a well stated
problem is a problem half solved. We build strong relationships with our customers , taking out time to
understand their background, needs and demands, so we can transform their toughest problem into our
personal challenge and later in the most suitable software solution for their business.
With both offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing services, you can make Cicada Technologies your
trusted partner when it comes to outsourcing your projects or parts of projects that can speed up the
development process. We always make sure we provide you with the most thorough business analysis,
top-notch software designs and the most efficient software development to benefit your business,
enabling you to provide your own customers with your own best.

Business Analysis

While we do have various solutions to a single challenge, we can also help you choose the right
software technology for your business endeavors. Your personal needs and preferences, together with
our know-how and expertise, will guarantee the smartest, most efficient choice for the best outcome.
Here, at Cicada Technologies, we have business consultants ready to discuss the viable options and
how to optimize implementation of certain technologies.
Our senior advisers are a great match to any business startup. We understand how important it is to
release a product on the market as soon as possible, while reaching highest quality standards, so
challenge us to translate your ideas to reality and help you select and implement the right software

Software design

From concept to framing, implementing, commissioning and altering complex systems, we do everything that involves problem solving and planning a software solution for our customers. We provide a detailed list of specifications used in our software engineering process, making it easier to visualize a final product or a specific solution. Each software design is created with you in mind, evaluated to fit your business model and expected to deliver the exact product or service required.

Software development 

Consider our software development process as an all inclusive service. From documenting to testing and
bug fixing, prototyping, developing and maintaining the source code, everything we provide for our
customers is thought-out to the smallest details. Whether you need software development for Fintech,
Automotive industries or IoT projects, or even web or mobile development, here, at Cicada
Technologies, you will find the professional team of software engineers ready to provide you with
tailored IT services, customized ERP and CRM solutions.