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"We're just enthusiastic about what we do" - Steve Jobs
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Custom software development

Our customers are unique in various ways, with different needs and expectations when it comes to deliverable IT services, so it’s only natural to offer customized software solutions for each and every one of them. The philosophy behind our custom software development is the belief that a well stated problem is a problem half solved. We build strong relationships with our customers , taking out time to understand their background, needs and demands, so we can transform their toughest problem into our personal challenge and later in the most suitable software solution for their business.

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Financial Software Development

Financial software development is our most important area of expertise, as we enable customers to benefit from our know-how in implementing HFT ( high-frequency trading) algorithms. We are familiar with delivering crafted software compelled to a high execution speed, extremely good reliability and most accurate scalability, so we make these our top priorities when we design custom software for our clients. Using our software engineering, to make your financial services more efficient, will definitely put you ahead of your competition, we are familiar with the latest innovations in FinTech industry.

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Embedded Software

We love to take on challenges that push the barriers of software engineering, so when it comes to developing solutions for resource-constrained devices, we see that as an opportunity to showcase and highlight the quality of IT services we provide, working with low-level software, crucial for the IoT and Automotive industries. Consequently, our company’s expertise varies from simple control applications running on micro-controllers to software for embedded OS. From intelligent, internet-controlled household items to smart city integrated solutions, our custom software manages assets and resources efficiently.

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Software Product Development

We love to take on complex projects that challenge our entire set of skills, while being involved in software product development from scratch. Working closely with our customers in delivering exactly what they ask for, we cover everything, from proposing a strategy, designing a solution, providing proof of concept, developing the agreed software, testing and retesting, release management and even handling maintenance for the resulted product. Meeting requirements and exceeding expectations is our main focus as far as product development is involved, seeing each problem as a challenge to provided optimal solutions.

About us

Challenge accepted, demands exceeded!

Cicada Technologies is a passionate, custom software provider, based in Cluj Napoca, Romania, whose area of expertise ranges from solutions for FinTech industry, to software for embedded OS, while offering both offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing services. Our most trustworthy values are performance, innovation and commitment, as these are always reflected throughout our work. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, in order to transform their toughest problem into our personal challenge and mission, delivering the most suitable software solution for their business. We envision our partnership as the perfect balance between flexibility, structure and open communication, providing you with the most thorough business analysis, top-notch software designs and the most efficient software development to benefit and boost your business. So challenge our experience and expertise that enable us to translate your ideas to reality.

  • Providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation, FinTech businesses can benefit from our know- how in implementing any of your custom HFT ( high-frequency trading) algorithms. Moreover, our team of professional experts in embedded programming have experience in developing high-quality software for Automotive and IoT industries.

  • From UX/UI designing and websites development, to CMS (Content Management Systems) and eCommerce applications, at Cicada Technologies you will find the professional team of software engineers ready to provide tailored software products that will boost your business, customized ERP and CRM solutions.

  • Our team of java developers can deliver cross-platform software and IT solutions that can run on a wide range of systems with little or no modification. To meet any business model, we offer both offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing services, for implementing high-performance, robust and secure solutions.

  • Cicada Technologies' expert team of software engineers is committed to providing high-quality design (UI/UX), reliable development process and thorough testing of your mobile app, in order to meet your demands, for applications that are perfectly integrated with any state of art mobile device.